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Twisted Seconds of Fate



Suspense Thriller

with a

Touch of Romance

Kate Monroe desperately needs a miracle. Running for her life with her deceased sister’s young daughter in tow, she tries to stay one step ahead of the murderer. This cold blooded killer is convinced Kate now has his missing property, and is determined to do whatever it takes to get it back—including kidnapping her niece. Kate’s only hope lies in trusting a man her sister left behind six years ago. The same man who knew nothing about the baby her sister was carrying at the time. Will this little girl’s father be able to overlook the betrayal? Especially when he learns Kate’s sister is not the only one harboring secrets.


 ~ The wait is over. Twisted Seconds of Fate is available now! Thrilling and entertaining, like the breathless moments on a terrifying roller coaster.



 ~ Twisted Seconds of Fate is a definite page-turner.



 ~ The 'reclusive billionaire who suddenly learns he is a father' has become a cliche in the world of fiction. In TWISTED SECONDS OF FATE, Ashton Broukes does what all good writers do: takes that cliche, throws it into a food processor, hits "Scramble", and comes up with enough twists and turns to create an entirely new genre. A constant sense of foreboding straight out of Daphne DuMauier, action scenes right out of the BEST of Alistair MacLean, and a sense of something scary right around the corner throughout the entire story that rivals anything Stephen King has done in years.  Broukes deals out secret after secret and twist after twist like an old-school casino pit boss with a deck of cards and - just when the reader thinks they have it under control - Broukes pulls a sharp and cutting moebius strip that takes the story into an entirely new direction. This is a story guaranteed to keep the reader turning pages unable to stop, and characters that will linger in the mind long after the book is finished. - Will Graham, author of SPIDER'S KISS, SPIDER'S DANCE, and others."



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